BIO - Elijah

In a flooded market of electro-pop Brooklyn’s Elijah and the Grapes are bringing something spiritual to listeners everywhere – something that music fans can truly embrace from the inside. Elijah delivers anthemic, radio-ready blend of indie rock and electronic elements, drawing comparisons to artists like Chvrches, Capital Cities, and M83. "Now or Never" has just been remixed by Kaskade’s side project “Late Night Alumni”

It began in 2013 when the talented vocalist and songwriter, Elijah Greene, made the coast-to-coast move from LA to New York and started performing solo shows around the city. Elijah caught the ear of KBV Records owner Tony Verderosa. “Elijah just clicked for us,” says Verderosa on the instant chemistry.

And Verderosa is no stranger to talent – as he previously worked directly with iconic artists like Katy Perry and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry as a Music Director for the MTV Music Awards as well as Indie artist, Kishi Bashi. Soon after signing with KBV Records, Elijah Greene entered the revered Avatar Studio in the Fall of 2013 and began recording songs that he refers to as “spiritually lit. “These tracks lyrically have a spiritual undertone,” Elijah explains. “Opening up your soul to a new wave of consciousness.”